green life

In our Life people are have many consumables. How to make our life is “green”, let us see the following a few “green” idea.Design by Tara Baoth Mooney, This is a Moss shawls.Image

This of course will not cause long scarf alternative to animal organization angry because this scarf is made of grass with chopped lichen main think such a scarf to through the symbiotic creatures ecological bionic to make people direct investment environment.Image

Design by (Woolly Pocket) The rangers bag is part of the design of the handbag function, the other part of it is the function of the domestic plants this bag is recycled plastic bottles and regeneration of leather material made of if you which day need to take your domesticated plants to stay at home and, don’t worry, you can choose to buy you hung system of modern plant bag hanging in the home of bag on the ceiling.


Tuscan designer  (Carmel Walsh) in carpenter’s help (carpenter main carved walnut with clogs bottom), when was designed a Tenuous shoes this kind of shoes by vegetables tannins processed leather, organic cotton, flax and cork and composition .For those who like the trend of the people, to catch up, only needs to replace some shoes plant can achieve.Image

When your finger with Iceland moss emitted, you should not need to gems Iceland designer  (Hafsteinn Juliusson) design in the fist weapons material in the silver bag into the plants in this way,juliusson’s idea at the nature to pull before the city residents need only every five weeks water once, your green fist weapons can lush a whole year.Image

Swiss engineers design of this small greenhouse that Caijoux greenhouse in it a small plant of plants, by the glass roof cover greenhouse when you have such a small ecological system, you probably won’t need the diamonds.


The Belgian artist (Ceca Georgivea) with fresh leaves, grass and made the pods with the wear resistance of the design of the Moravian George decorations to through art and surprise in a subtle way to express the relationship between the human beings and the environment.


Finnish artist  (Anni) with blueberries, evergreen shrubs leaves the shoes are made of natural part of the chest series this shoes first hit by paper towel module, and then use oats paste the shoes mold sclerosis, plus leaves after.



Through this kind of shoes, Anne wants to arouse people back into the natural subconscious mind.

The earth is a huge designer from his took inventory of raw material, design, and then out of the works of does not have a color.




Light and shadow

There will always be surprises, when people doing design work. This picture is from LOTUS, she getting surprises with her work.  


Those photograph work quite interesting, put the different shape under the light, and there will show the unexpected pattern, Very optional, and look beautiful. Light and shadow is a very natural thing, in photography, we often use to, in addition might we can put the surprises on our design just use light and shadow to made a dress, The real and virtual combination.

Green cities in the world

This post will introduce some Green Cities in the World,I going  to sum it up.


Copenhagen is widely considered one of the greenest capitals in the world.Local residents have a strong consciousness of environmental protection,“A majority of city residents (55%) bike to work on the city’s 300 KM of bike lanes”



Named one of the world’s most livable cities,Trying not to waste the area’s naturally heavy rainfalls, the city has constructed man-made wetlands.AND The wetlands effectively rid the water of nitrogen and other pollutants, providing a healthy supply of water to the city.



For years, Freiburg has been known as “Green City” because of its long history as a rallying point for the environmental movement.Freiburg’s impressive is solar energy.



Well, London is not just black and grey, it has a whole new side that you would love to discover.In the recent years, with a kind of London action to protect the urban environment,such as London mayor encourage citizens to travel on bikes to reduce pollution.



Information from Click the website get more sources.

Ecological shopping guides

Nowadays people always chasing procreate new clothing, however some people think “Green fashion” is necessary. Now, green vogue amounts to a person ranks have swelled, if you want to be a part of that team, first to look at  guidelines, the green shopping.Image

step 1:Keep your head to look at your chest before in preparing to go to the mall have to know that it is a trend the return cycle,the new idea but is old to simple ormament.


step 2:Exchange, As a young mother of the family heirloom pleated skirt restoring ancient ways shirt, and special flea market with the store, or ecchange with friends, you can find something sending out the most trendy elements of the dress,although it is not a new goods.Image

step 3:before your buy a clothes,Don’t blindly pursuing design or low prices, fristly consider the good material,the higt quality can made the dress has “long-life”.And try to buy organic clothing,such as Cotton, linen, wool and other material.







 Image Image


Jessie is going to learn textiles in the future,she is a lovely girl,when i asked she to talk about she’s work,she tell me a long story.i mean she is gush over.To sum up the theme of this work is pollution,she want to remind people to attention on the environment problem.So jessie got a story of the “dream world”and “ture world”,she make a pictuer with embroidery which is “dream world”.we can see it on below.I want to say that’s idea is nice,and jessie’s hand-made also look nice.


The right is the “dream world”looks so cute.







Lotus is going to make her dress,We can see some of the shape of the clothes,this picture is to show that how lotus making she’s dress step by step.In addition lotus said she  still felt a little confused on the theme,so doing hard and might be can talk to other people to find the inspiration.









AFFLATUS: building & umbrella

JILL SAID:”use the thumbtack in turn it over to demonstrate what theme.”also the thumbtack can be a adornment,just like the picture shows.that is so coooooool.

That is a fascinating clouth,and jill telling me that means protection,but i think it might be harm to others.when we make clothes like this.LOL

No matter how,i like the theme and this idea,jill might be be clear about idea or given us more in detail.




This work inspiration form a building which called “Fred & Ginger house.(dancinghouse),designed by architect Frank Gehry.

In addtion,that is made clothes by leather&tinfoil,COLOR YARN,though use the different material and texture of it, she wanna to show the relationship between women and the urban environment.In the society,some women become more strong and some of them also have other side–soft.


i think that clothse like a contradiction. is hard to said which side is better,sometimes you could be strongly and sometimes you could be soft.and this clothes does not has function,it might be she can think more about it, whether the dress needs add some function.






it’s a particular design,indeed.she’s inspiration from tne Ancient Babylon,This design want to cash out of that era of bustling and beautiful,when i look at the draft first time,”cute” and “mysterious”those words come out  my mind.That is really cool.and Dandelion got a some darft,she does not know choice which one,i think might be she can do some reseach with color to express that era of mysterious.





All of you, are doing amazing work!!!!!!!!!!keep working.



5 popular trend of Women’s dress spring 2013

Popular institutions Fashion Snoops confirmed in the spring of 2013 women’s clothes five big popular trend, it portends an exciting season coming soon. five women’s collection popular topics include 20 s style of woman, a garden party, tropical paradise, Bohemian Fashion and the Olympic , etc.

Theme: the style of 20 s woman


In the 20′ s is a define nation age, with their own unique taste. Art Deco, expressionism and surrealism are very popular. Dress with Chicago flavour of the metal nature fashionable like rock and roll star.  Texture of skirt, is very Smooth, adornment with flashy detail. With unique style to brand-new deduce the gothic mode.      (Gucci,Etro)

Theme:Garden party


Character is full of romantic flower of printing

Wide variety of flowers printing almost permeate the picture composition      (Erdem、Sportmax,Antonio Marras)

Theme:Tropical paradise


The collection use Tropical color, that is look colorful, we as if into the jungle of mysterious zone.when people wear it we all know that the spring is coming.  (Salvatore Ferragamo、Missoni ,Alberta Ferretti)

Theme:Bohemian fashion


The style characteristics of Bohemian is Colour piece joining together long skirt, bright and clinking.



Red, white and blue became the most favoured by fashion colour, part of stylist adopted number and big label or athletic attire of special  fabrics to display the sport style.    (Marc by Marc Jacobs)