Urban brand reflecting the graffiti, urban, and underground culture of New York. For men and women.

Zoo York’s urban casual clothing line represents street art and fashion of New York City. It has a strong urban graffiti and skateboarding history, and is popular on the hip hop scene.

In the late 70’s, the ‘Soul Artists of Zoo York’ made their appearance known on the streets; graffiti artists, skateboarders, and DJs built a buzzing scene with aerosols spray paint, rockin’ beats, and original skateboarding moves. In 1993, skateboarder Rodney Smith, Eli Morgan Gessner, and Adam Schatz, teamed up to create the first original skateboarding-inspired brand – Zoo York.

Zoo York’s styles reflect the graffiti, urban, and underground culture of New York City, and portray these scenes through their distinctive designs and eccentric prints. These days Zoo York is available on a worldwide scale and continues to successfully evolve with its core roots still in existence, enabling it to be one of the largest global streetwear brands, and linked with some of the biggest names in surfing, skateboarding, BMX biking, and Motocross.

Zoo York’s collection includes hoodies, t-shirts, jeans, vest-tops, jackets, dresses, sweatshirts, accessories, footwear, and skateboards.